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AIB ENGINEERING CO.,LTD. Has been established on June 10,2001

We are the expertise manufacturer and distributor of shot blasting machine, dust collector, and paint booth .
We manufacture highly quality machine with a consideration of environment altogether.
We provide a variety of our products such as 

Shot blasting Machine
Dust collecting Machine
Paint room and Paint booth , Duct system
Etc. (and others)

Recently, we have over 100 model applying to use in specific application ;for instance,
Apply to use in cleaning Ferrous casting, Aluminum casting, Iron casting, Stainless steel casting, Brass casting, Die casting mold
Apply to use in rust remover, blasting onto sand glass to be frost glass and engraving onto glass, granite, acrylic or any other smooth and even surface. 
Apply to use in shot penning for various work-pieces such as springs.
Apply to use in blast for smothering sharp edges of work-pieces.
Apply to use in blast preparing surface before painting process such as gas cylinder, automobile parts
and apply to use in general job
A wide range of our product has been recognized locally and abroad as well. We take care of over five hundred 500 customers all over the country. We also have our distributors to provide our products and services in Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, and etc.
We also have a quality consulting team to provide the answers that customers need. 
We spend a lot of efforts to develop our products based upon our customers' requirements using our research team and listening to our customer' s needs.
With that in mind, we believe it will help us continue to provide the best quality machines to satisfy the end users and the customers.

Should you need further Information please find the brochure or visit our website at www.blastburn.com , www.aibengineering.com
We look forward to have an opportunity to serving you in the very near future.

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AIB Engineering Co., Ltd. 
134 Moo 1. Nong hong Sub-District, Phantong District,
Chonburi Province 20160 (Thailand)


Automation Inteligent shot blasting machine over 18 years experience, our products are widely accepted by domestic and international customer in various industries.

Burn Blasting Beyond.

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        08-1410-0905 | 09-7040-9095                                      08-1827-7452 | 06-2559-6565
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