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ST Series

Suitable for heavy work-pieces such as mold or heavy components that is too heavy to hand carry.  Equipped with strong turn table ...

HG Series

Suitable for sensitive work-pieces that can not be tumbled in bulk and especially larger work-pieces.The work-pieces are loaded into the blasting chamber and ....

AW Series

This shot blasting machine is suitable for cleaning and preparing work-piece which have a various shape and size from small to medium metal parts or casting parts...

SME Series

Suitable for removal of rust and scales from the small work-pieces.Consume less abrasive require only 200 G  to start the operation...

SBC Series

SBC is an Automatic Continuous Blasting machine with 10 Air Media . Work pieces are loaded onto the belt conveyor ...

BKS Series

Recommended for small and light work-pieces such as spring, clot during blasting basket rotates FRW and REW mode is set automatically...

GMS Series

This Shot blasting machine is suitable for blasting onto sand glass (frosted glass) and engraving onto glass, granite, acrylic ...

HDB Series

Suitable for casting parts, forging parts,surface rust removal of work pieces in medium ...

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Automation Inteligent shot blasting machine over 18 years experience, our products are widely accepted by domestic and international customer in various industries.

Burn Blasting Beyond.

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